Management Blue Prints


Management Services

Sillks management provides investors and developers with a superior and comprehensive range of management services. Our team are centred on creating lasting relationships with our partners, guests and investors, to ensure business prosperity and longevity for our investors.

We deliver a first class total product, by utilising the very best talent and resources in the industry. Our strategic expertise ensures developers and businesses are able to utilise our considerable experience and full spectrum of competencies, with turnkey solutions for professional Hotel and Resort management, even for the most complex of developments.

Sillks provides technical services and management of the entire life cycle from development of the initial concept, through to long term operation. This includes specialist opening services that have been proven to guarantee a successful opening and long term operation.The solution includes three distinct phases: Planning, Implementation and Operations.

Planning Implementation and Operations


Sillks Planning and development team plan and perform all of the following activities
Evaluation of the financial feasibility and viability of the prospective hotel or resort development, including its many components
Review and assessment of current and local market conditions
Recommendation and selection with owner/developer of the most suitable master planners, architects, designers project managers and other specialists, to create the optimum product
A programme of project facilities, services, amenities and infrastructure development to establish and enhance design standards and operational efficiencies


A comprehensive strategy is prepared for each project using available market intelligence, including all elements of the hotel or resort, from rooms, press conferences, dining, spa, golf, and recreation facilities. Our ecxperienced developement teams work to gether to provide;-

Development of the pre-opening budget
Establishment of operating concept, staffing and training plans
Development and implementation of food and beverage concepts
Identification, recruitment, training, motivational and supervision of department heads and operational teams
Specifications and acquisition of necessary IT and operating equipment
Implementation of management control systems and full financial reporting
Development and implementation of marketing advertising, public relations and sales plans


Acting as the owners representative and keeping the owner fully informed with regards to performance, our highly experienced management team provide the following:-
Implementation of quality controls to guarentee that the facility maintains the agreed quality standards
Execution of preventative maintenance programs and capital investment programs to ensure the facilities value is optimised.
Ongoing recruitment, training and development of all categories
Implementation of active sales and marketing initiatives in local and external markets, including access to the Sillks corporate initiatives to derive maximum benefit and exposure
Driving membership sales effectively to maximize long term income
Constantly improving food and beverage offers by focusing of exquisite cuisine and seamless service
Ensure high standards of housekeeping are maintained in rooms, public areas, back of house and other facilities of the property
Implement financial controls, forecasting and reporting
Supervise of all purchasing, supply and administration procedures

Purchasing synergies

Lower cost of operations

Management experience and long term relationship with suppliers to the industry will contribute to lowering the cost of operations, thus improving investment opportunities.

This covers the purchase of insurance, energy, telecommunications, technology, employee benefits, food and beverage, furniture, fixtures and equipment to operating supplies.

Financial strategy

Capitalize on earning potential

Sillks revenue and earnings will derive primarily from Hotel, Resorts and Wellness, SPA operations, which include the operation of company, leased, owned and managed Hotels and Resorts, and other fees earned from Hotel Resorts and Spa related services.

Sillks will derive its cash flow from multiple sources within its Hotels, Resorts and Spa segments, including leased hotel activities, owned hotels, management contract fees, as well as reservation fees, marketing fees and technical services fees.

By focusing on its role as third party manager of Hotels and Resorts, the group can expand presence of its brands and gain additional cash flow with modest capital commitment.

Sillks will derive business results and add value through revenue growth and operational efficiency by process improvement, understanding and focusing on key drivers of sales, associates and customer satisfaction, profitability and quality.

Global Optimisation Wheel


Optimising Revenue

We operate Sillks International Hotel Groups’s robust and fully integrated distribution system, which connects an extensive network of distribution channels to drive revenue, efficiently manage room inventory, and facilitate 24/7 real-time reservations. Our Global Distribution system (GDS) – connects to over 500,000 travel agents to obtain information, book and confirm rooms instantly and we have Worldwide Call Centers in U.S. Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Europe. aims to achieve over 100% increase in online traffic, above current, resulting in incremental online reservations with a 75% improvement in revenue generation. Our Best Rate Guarantee ensures customer loyalty and Sillks Information and customer relationship management systems, develops value-added customer recognition programs to attract repeat business.

We use Sillks Agile Revenue Management System to adjusts strategies to help hotels to achieve optimal room rates and have Global Sales offices and Reservation Offices in Singapore, U.K, Dubai, New York.

Supporting Sustainability

A Simple principle

Everything we need for our survival and well-being depends on our natural environment so humans and nature can exist in productive harmony yet still permit fulfillment of the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations.

Sillks will operate a range of sustainability measures to ensure we will continue to have water, materials, and resources to protect human health and our environment.

Each year, all employees will be encouraged to walk, bike, bus and carpool to work for one week a quater. This will promote awareness on reducing greenhouse gases produced from transportation, while encouraging our associates to be healthier!

With Evergreen, we will plant trees in each community in which we operate our hotels. It’s a fun and healthy way of getting employees involved in maintaining green spaces around the city while promoting sustainability.

This page on our intranet will feature corporate sustainability initiatives, as well as tips and resources on how employees can live more sustainable lifestyles – at work, and in their households! We also encourage our employees to participate in Earth Day activities and events each year.