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A world of opportunity and optimal returns, Emerging markets, The essence of hospitality,
Award-winning-brands, Intuitive Service

Transforming Investment
Modern oriental approach


Sillks Hotels & Resorts, Park Sillks, Sillks Residences, Marco Polo, Sublime Spa,

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Sillk Superior Guest, Certainly Butler service

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We have 8 Core values,

Integrity, Loyalty, Respect, Accountability, Trust & Transparency, Team, Passion, Innovation

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Hedgehog Concept


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Planning Implementation and Operations

Planning, Implementation, Operation,

Purchasing synergies

Lower cost of operations,

Financial strategy

Capitalize on earning potential

Global Optimisation Wheel
Optimising Revenue

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A Simple principle

Asset Management

Sillks Consulting
Asset Management

Property Disposition, Financing, Reporting, Capital Expenditure Planning, Real Estate Appraisals,
Financial Feasibility Studies, Selection of Master Planners, Architects and Designers

Golf Club/Resort Development Services

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